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The Profound System at Our Toronto Area Practice Treats Lax, Sagging Skin

As the largest organ in the body, skin is resilient and serves a vital, protective function. However, the cumulative effects of aging, sun exposure, harsh winters, and other environmental factors can all cause skin to lose moisture and elasticity over time, resulting in wrinkles and laxity. To combat these effects, we offer non-surgical skin tightening at our Toronto area practice in North York to firm up skin and smooth away wrinkles with minimal downtime.

We use the Profound system for skin tightening at our Toronto area practice to help women and men achieve tighter, smoother skin. Contact Bayview North Dermatology Clinic online or by phone at 416-222-7546 to request a complimentary consultation.

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At Bayview North Dermatology Clinic, we use the Profound system from Candela® for our skin tightening treatments. The Profound system is a device that generates and delivers thermoregulated, fractional radiofrequency (RF) energy that penetrates into the deepest dermal layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The RF energy also remodels existing healthy fat and connective tissue, thereby providing a tightening effect that contours, lifts, and smooths the treated skin.

Applications for the skin tightening Profound treatments include treating the appearance of a double chin or “turkey neck”, lifting and contouring deflated cheeks, and smoothing away mild to severe wrinkles and facial folds.

What is Profound Skin Tightening?

In the past, the only effective option for patients who were unhappy with the crepey, wrinkled texture of their skin, prominent jowls, or sagging jawlines was to undergo facelift surgery, which comes with associated risks and downtime even when the most advanced surgical techniques are implemented.

With the progression of energy-based technology for cosmetic purposes, scientists discovered that temperature-controlled RF energy could be delivered to the deep dermis layers of the skin, kickstarting the body’s own processes of hyaluronic acid deposition, neoelastogenesis, and neocollagenesis. In other words, a controlled, precise application of RF energy could allow the body to produce and remodel the skin’s fundamental building blocks, thus producing a noticeable tightening effect.

The Profound skin tightening system is the first non-surgical and minimally invasive device on the market to be able to produce such results while allowing technicians the ability to precisely control the energy’s depth, temperature, and duration.

Am I a Candidate for Non-Surgical Skin Tightening?

Appropriate candidates for Profound skin tightening tend to be men and women who cannot or do not wish to undergo invasive surgery and are otherwise in overall good physical health. As smoking can interfere with the body’s natural healing processes, it is essential that patients avoid it in the weeks prior to and after a skin tightening treatment.

The best way to determine if you are a good candidate for Profound skin tightening is to receive an in-person consultation with a certified and trained skin care provider. During our free consultations, be ready to provide your medical history along with a complete list of medications you are currently taking.

To learn more about non-surgical Profound skin tightening, reach out to our Toronto area practice online or call 416-222-7546

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