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Radiofrequency Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation at Our Toronto Area Practice

Along with elastin and hyaluronic acid, collagen is one of the fundamental building blocks of the skin that keeps it healthy, smooth, structurally sound, and flexible. The process of aging decelerates the body’s ability to produce fresh collagen, and cumulative exposure to environmental factors – such as UV rays, pollutants, and temperature and humidity fluctuations – diminish existing reserves of the compound in the skin.

Fortunately, neocollagenesis (the production of new collagen) can be stimulated very efficiently in the skin by pairing the creation of carefully controlled “microinjuries” with our Intensif microneedling treatments with the application of radiofrequency (RF) energy via 3DEEP at our Toronto area practice.

Discover the skin benefits you could achieve with Intensif RF microneedling treatments (powered by 3DEEP technology) at Toronto’s Bayview North Dermatology Clinic in North York. Request a free consultation online or by phone at 416-222-7546

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What is RF Energy, and How Does It Work?

Radiofrequency energy, or RF energy for short, is a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic energy. It is measured in frequency, or wavelengths per second. Like any other form of energy, it has the ability to produce heat.

In dermatological treatments, RF energy is applied to target areas, where it produces heat energy to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin (fundamental building blocks of the skin), as well as encourage cell turnover or regeneration. These processes allow the skin to become firmer, thicker, and tighter, and thus more youthful in appearance.

The amount of RF energy generated by dermatological devices such as 3DEEP are very low and are very unlikely to pose a long-term risk to health. It is a great method to treat all skin tones without the risk of permanent skin pigmentation issues.

In high doses, the main risk associated with RF is the potential for burns from the thermal effect – but again, this is mitigated by receiving treatment with a medical-grade device from a credentialed provider, who can customize the settings to each patient’s unique characteristics and goals.

The RF energy from 3DEEP within Intensif, an FDA-cleared, non-surgical RF microneedling system, is highly controlled for patient safety and comfort. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, you will not need to expect much discomfort.

If you are concerned about any part of the 3DEEP RF microneedling treatment, our doctors would be happy to answer any questions during an in-person consultation, which we offer free of charge.

Why We Chose 3DEEP RF Technology

The 3DEEP system can be used for a variety of treatment applications, such as:

  • Treating lax skin and wrinkles on both the face and body
  • Improving uneven skin texture
  • Reducing the appearance of acne-related and traumatic scars, as well as stretch marks

Unlike monopolar or bipolar RF devices, 3DEEP has been clinically proven to penetrate far more deeply into the skin for longer-term improvements and is also safer and more comfortable. 3DEEP delivers controlled RF energy into the depths of the dermis (the inner layer of skin) with minimal heat left behind on the epidermis.

In addition to neocollagenesis, 3DEEP also stimulates the remodelling of existing collagen in the skin, improving its quality and function.

To learn more about 3DEEP, contact our Toronto area practice online or by phone at 416-222-7546

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