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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for Hair Restoration & Skin Rejuvenation in Toronto, ON

Used by celebrities and everyday men and women alike, PRP is an excellent non-surgical treatment option for both hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. We use a specialized system by RegenLab to administer PRP treatments at our Toronto area practice in North York, ON.

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What is PRP?

Short for platelet-rich plasma, PRP is plasma that contains a concentrated number of platelet cells. The PRP used in medical-grade treatments is “self-derived”, meaning it is extracted from the patient’s own blood. After extraction, the blood is spun inside a centrifuge to separate it into its various components. Plasma with a high concentration of platelets is what is ultimately collected, so that all you are left with is growth factor-rich PRP – the liquid gold we use in our dermatological treatments.

At our practice, we use an advanced system by Swiss cell therapy specialists RegenLab to prepare the PRP.

Once re-introduced into the body, your own enhanced concentration of platelet cells will then work organically with your body to promote a natural, accelerated process for new tissue and collagen growth.

Platelets have several regenerative functions, ranging from the formation of clots to stem blood loss, to the supply of growth factors to increase the pace of healing in wounds and injuries. Growth factors kickstart the process of tissue regeneration in stem cells.

Owing to these special properties (not to mention the ability to administer it non-surgically), PRP became a procedure used to for both medical and cosmetic purposes, from speeding up the healing of different types of injuries – such as Tiger Woods’ ACL injury after his initial surgery – to dermatological treatments such as the famous blood facial received by Kim Kardashian.

While PRP is sometimes administered topically, the most effective method for aesthetic improvements (such as skin rejuvenation and hair restoration) tends to be by introducing it into the skin, through direct injections or by using the channels created by controlled injuries (such as those made during microneedling).

PRP for Hair Restoration

Most men – and a surprisingly high number of women – deal with some form of hair loss, especially as they age. This can range from thinning hair to receding hair lines to partial or even complete baldness. Everything from wigs to hair plugs and hair transplant strips have been used as patchwork solutions for hair loss, but patients who choose PRP often do so for its minimal invasiveness, cost effectiveness, quick recovery (with no prescribed downtime), and most importantly, its natural, patient-based approach.

When injected into key areas mapped on the scalp (or other areas such as around the mouth and chin for beards or eyebrows), the PRP’s accelerative healing abilities and nourishing growth factors help create or restore an optimal environment that allows hair to grow, providing a boost in hair production over time.

PRP for Skin Rejuvenation

Our providers also use PRP for facial skin revitalization to encourage new collagen production and existing collagen remodeling. Our patients love the increased thickness, elasticity, and firmness that comes from their treatments. Patients have the option to have the plasma injected directly into treatment areas or introduced via carefully controlled micro-injuries induced by a prior microneedling session.

Note that PRP may not be the best treatment option for patients who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or clotting and bleeding issues. We offer a number of other safe and highly effective treatments, such as injectable BOTOX® and dermal fillers, or Fraxel® and Clear + Brilliant® laser treatments. For lax, sagging skin, we also offer radiofrequency (RF) energy-based Profound skin tightening treatments.

All the above treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive. Rather than focusing on a sole procedure option, our providers conduct a thorough consultation, patient interview, and skin examination before recommending a personalized course of action.

We believe it is best to come in for an in-person visit to our practice so that we may assess you and determine your skin care goals before coming up with a specific treatment plan, which is why we provide free consultations for all new patients.

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