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Belkyra® Double Chin Treatment

Minimize Fat Deposits Under the Chin at our Toronto, ON Practice

Fullness under the chin is not a condition that exclusively plagues overweight or obese individuals. Even the fittest and most athletic among us can struggle with chin-related bulge – or submental fat, as it is referred to in scientific terms. No matter how much you may exercise or diet, certain pockets of fat may remain in particular areas, and the chin area is one of the most stubborn among both men and women.

Referred to as Kybella® in the United States, Belkyra® at our Toronto area practice is a non-surgical and minimally invasive double chin treatment, the first and only FDA- and Health Canada-approved injectable for dissolving fat deposits in the submental region. Bayview North Dermatology Clinic added the injectable treatment to our menu of services as chin fat is one of the most common (yet under-treated) cosmetic concerns. It is easy to administer, requires minimal downtime, and – most importantly – it is tried, tested, and true.

Learn more about Belkyra® double chin treatment at our Toronto area practice, Bayview North Dermatology Clinic, in North York, ON. Contact us online or by phone at 416-222-7546 to request a complimentary, commitment-free consultation and determine if the injectable is right for you.

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What Causes Submental Fullness?

As we mentioned above, you do not have to be overweight or obese to suffer from excess submental fullness. Despite the best efforts in dieting and exercise, other causes may impede fat reduction, such as:

  • Aging – hormonal shifts and slowdown in metabolism can result in fat accumulation in isolated areas
  • Genetics – some individuals are more prone to stubborn love handles, while others have to contend with stubborn fat under the chin
  • Weight changes – fluctuations in body weight can leave certain areas of stubborn fat behind

Please note that for several individuals, the appearance of fullness under the chin could also be caused by lax skin, which can be addressed with skin tightening procedures such as Profound and Intensif RF microneedling at our practice.

Belkyra® vs. Diet & Exercise or Liposuction

While diet and exercise are the easiest fat reduction methods to access, they are not always the most effective or longest-lasting. While they play a role in reducing the size of fat cells, they cannot eliminate them.

And, no matter what any fitness guru tells you, these methods also cannot be aimed at specific zones of fat on the body. All too often, a person may see inches slimmed from the abdomen, waist, or hips, only to see the fat cling to their chin and neck area.

Liposuction can reduce the number of fat cells long term by physically removing them from the body via a vacuum suction. But as it is an invasive, surgical procedure, it comes with its own sets of risks, expenses, and recovery period.

Patients looking for a simple, targeted, and hassle-free way to reduce fat cells need look no further than Belkyra®.

Who is a Candidate for Belkyra® Treatments?

This fat-rupturing injectable treatment is appropriate for both men and women who have noticeable chin fat and are looking to reduce it. The ideal candidate is within an appropriate weight range, is already practicing healthy diet and exercise habits to prevent excess weight gain post treatment, has realistic expectations for their results, and is open about their aesthetic goals during the consultation.

Patients with infections in the chin area should wait until it clears completely before treatment with Belkyra®. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should disclose this to their provider, as should anyone who has received other medical-grade aesthetic treatments or surgery in the area.

Why Patients Choose Belkyra®

  • Quick and simple: the in-office injectable treatment can be done within 15 to 20 minutes
  • Customizable and well-targeted
  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive
  • Visible results within two to four treatments
  • Maintenance treatments are not expected after final results are achieved

View the results of our patients before and after they received treatment in our photo gallery.

How Does Belkyra® Work?

The active ingredient in Belkyra® is a lab-synthesized version of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. It targets and eliminates fat cells when injected into the treatment areas under your chin (marked with a stencil). The injectable modality of Belkyra® allows it to be used with precision.

While each treatment session could involve up to 50 individual injections, the amount of Belkyra® used is controlled, and the treatment time taken per session is typically 15 to 20 minutes in total. If you would like to learn more about our pain management techniques, talk to one of our providers.

Once administered, Belkyra® attacks and ruptures the membranes of fat cells – a cellular destruction process known as cytolysis. The remnants of the destroyed cells are absorbed to be flushed out by the body’s natural waste processes, ensuring a safe rate of fat reduction.

Possible Side Effects of Belkyra®

While Belkyra® has been deemed a safe enough product to be injected under the chin, some mild to moderate side effects may occur at or near the site of the injections. These may include swelling, bruising, tenderness, and/or redness. Our patients are typically able to return to their regular activities, although your provider may recommend limiting strenuous exercise for the first few post-treatment days. No specific downtime is necessary.

Post-treatment pain management will not be needed. You may discuss pre-treatment pain management with us if you are concerned.

Results with Belkyra®

Belkyra® debulks and improves the appearance of your side profile over the number of treatment sessions administered by your provider. Most patients tend to see results within two to four treatment sessions. No patient may receive more than six Belkyra® treatment sessions in total.

After you achieve your desired results with Belkyra®, repeat treatments to maintain the results are not required. Once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good – the final results of Belkyra® are considered long-term, although new weight gain can alter the look of reduced submental fullness. Remember that remaining fat cells in the body can still expand, so it is still important to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and lifestyle.

Cost of Belkyra® Treatments

Since each patient may require a different number of injections and/or treatment sessions, the total cost of a Belkyra® treatment package will vary accordingly. Those who have also contended with skin laxity in the chin, neck, and décolleté areas have opted to receive skin tightening sessions. When you visit us for your consultation, we will provide you with a custom treatment plan and estimate after a physical examination, reviewing relevant medical history, and discussing your goals and expectations.

To learn more about Belkyra® or skin tightening treatments like Profound and Intensif, contact Bayview North Dermatology Clinic online or by phone at 416-222-7546 to request a free consultation to determine which treatments may be appropriate for you.

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