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A Clean, Comfortable & Discreet Facility in the North York Area of Toronto, ON

The comfortable atmosphere and clean, discreet nature of our facility, combined with the expertise of knowledgeable medical staff, create a unique and convenient destination for all your skin treatment needs. Warm, inviting, modern d├ęcor sets the tone for our mission of providing complete skin care with absolute professionalism.

Our centre boasts the latest in technical innovations, enabling our team of skin experts to offer you the most effective skin treatments available.

Our medical staff are professional and well-trained to answer questions regarding our medical and cosmetic practices. We strive to efficiently book appointments of appropriate lengths of time, fit in patients with problems or potential complications, and fit in urgent patients from local emergency rooms, urgent care, and surrounding area family medical practices. We are committed to supporting Toronto and the surrounding communities by continuing to see patients who are pediatric, geriatric, very ill, or have acute difficult conditions.

Book a complimentary consultation with us today to get information about individualized packages, combining procedures, and general skin care to achieve the youthful skin you deserve. Contact us online or call 416-222-7546

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